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Keeping tabs on fungi

I spent some time over the past week looking into how we can all contribute to fungi conservation- since fungal conservation doesn’t get as much attention as plant and animal conservation, there aren’t as many international organizations or projects that are seeking support. Instead, it seems like smaller, more local groups are more prevalent. And […]

No room for spores

As I mentioned in my last post, there are a number of issues facing fungi around the world. Researchers continue to look into how best to support fungi populations, but it seems like there are some patterns to effective fungi conservation– we need to know which fungi are present, we need to look at microhabitat […]

How many fungus are among us?

I’m currently teaching some introductory biology labs and we’ve begun an overview of the diversity of life on earth, starting with protists and other small organisms- my blog tends to focus on the larger organisms that you can see easily without microscopes, and I think there’s a tendency to prioritize those species over the ones […]

Posted March 3, 2016 by Mirka Zapletal in Fungi

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