Raising the status of giraffes

I’ve spent the last week or so looking into ways that we can all contribute to giraffe conservation- it’s true that many of us don’t live near wild giraffe populations, but there are still a number of ways that we can support them, most of which don’t involve travel.

I have no idea how many pictures I took of this giraffe at the Nashville Zoo, but I could have watched it for hours.

One organization was mentioned time and again when it comes to giraffes- the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. You can donate to their efforts or adopt a giraffe. They also take the lead in celebrating World Giraffe Day which is coming up on June 21st (the longest day or night of the year, depending on where you are)- many zoos coordinate events with World Giraffe Day, so there may be something close to you.

You can also make donations or adoptions with

The Giraffe Conservation Alliance has a number of research projects that you can donate directly to, but they also work with Jeans for Giraffes, which allows you to donate old denim. (You can also get to the documentary “Last of the Long Necks” via their site.)

PAMS Foundation is another option for donations- they have a list of specific items that are needed, and they are also in the AmazonSmile network, so you can support their efforts when you purchase items for yourself.

If your interest in giraffe conservation extends to personal contact with wild populations (yes, please!), you also have a few options there:

So you can help giraffes from the comfort of your own couch or get out in the field, clean out your closet or head to the zoo. Hopefully one (or more) of these options is appealing for each of us- we can help giraffe populations even if they aren’t part of our local wildlife.

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