Using this site

My goal is to help everyone understand current conservation research and then act on that information.

One of my frustrations with science is that information is not always accessible to everyone- sometimes it is published in journals you need a subscription to access and often it is written in language that assumes all readers are already experts. I believe that, if something is important, it should be put in a format that anyone can utilize. If you have access to information, you can internalize it and really think about how it connects to your life.

I also believe that everyone has a responsibility to actively participate in conservation. It’s not enough to watch a program on the plight of an endangered species or simply think that recycling is important- every person should act on that information, including involvement in the research itself. Unfortunately, we’re not always given suggestions about how we can engage in these issues- this site is meant to provide some ideas for how to get started.

This site uses a 4-post progression, with a post every other week: the first post provides the introduction to the topic, starting with what I know (or don’t know) and what I’m curious about; the second will give background on prior research and knowledge, fleshing out the topic’s history; post three will update us on the current research I’ve located that focuses on the topic; and the final post will give suggestions for how all of us not involved in the field work can contribute- that may mean certain choices in the grocery store, paying attention to specific birds in your backyard, or even working directly with scientists in the field. We’re all capable of being more than a passive audience, so let’s get to work!

It is my hope that people reading my posts will find ways to use the information in their daily lives and engage in conservation work in their communities. I’m also hoping that they will contribute suggestions for topics, resources, and ways to get involved- this isn’t about an expert lecturing to an audience, this is about inhabitants of Earth working together to address big issues.

Posted June 30, 2012 by Mirka Zapletal