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Giving crabs a leg up

In my reading about hermit crabs over the last few weeks, I’ve certainly gotten the sense that most hermit crab species aren’t in particularly precarious positions with regard to survival. While king crabs and coconut crabs are an exception, most species seem to be doing pretty well at the moment. That trend is likely to […]

Catching their breath

As I mentioned in my last post, ocean acidification is likely to cause problems for hermit crabs both because the calcium carbonate used by snails to construct shells which are, in turn, used by hermits will be less available and because hermits exhibit less movement and environmental awareness as pH drops. A variety of aquatic […]

Not upwardly-mobile?

When I chose hermit crabs as my topic for this month, I wasn’t exactly sure what I would find. It turns out that hermit populations are generally in good shape at this moment [although the popularity of hermit crabs in the aquarium industry does warrant a little concern- because of the effort and expense needed […]

Any safe haven?

Over the past month, I’ve packed up my belongings and then unpacked them again as I moved between apartments. That got me thinking about animals that travel with their ‘house’, and so my topic for this month’s posts is hermit crabs. This is a topic that is pretty well unknown to me.   During a […]