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Sharing the elephants’ burden

As I looked for ways that we all can get involved in elephant protection, I kept coming upon the same request- “Donate Now”- and, in some ways, that was very disappointing because I was hoping to get more directly involved. But, after investigating some of the issues in elephant conservation, I began to feel this […]

Posted October 26, 2012 by Mirka Zapletal in Mammals

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How do you measure an elephant?

As I mentioned in my last post, researchers are still learning about the ways in which elephants, and other large herbivores, impact the environment around them. In many ways, the goal is to figure out how many elephants can fit into an area before their resource needs lead to environmental degradation. One way to do […]

Elephants on a tight-rope

I spent the last week looking through lots of documents on elephants (even a few theses, so there was a mountain of reading), and I’ve learned quite a bit about what elephants eat, how populations have changed, and the impact that these mega-herbivores can have on the environment around them- they definitely live on a […]

An elephant in the room

Anyone who has seen the most recent issue of National Geographic will understand why I chose this topic. The cover article looked at the resurgence in poaching for the ivory trade, and the journalist talked to a wide variety of people involved in the illegal trade to provide an understanding of what is driving demand. […]

Posted October 3, 2012 by Mirka Zapletal in Mammals

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