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Giving a hoot for owls

Over the last few posts, I’ve outlined the situation facing several owl species in decline- in general, although there are other factors with influence, the major culprits are habitat change and habitat loss. Since human populations often value the same areas used by owls, sometimes more for what they could be rather than for what […]

The ups and downs of owl-dom

In my last post, I catalogued a variety of issues facing owls in different places around the world- while a lot of that was focused on the northern spotted owl, the issue of habitat loss is pretty well universal. I had expected that most of the recent literature on owl conservation would investigate complex relationships […]

Why didn’t I spot that?

In deciding to focus on owls for this month’s posts, I clearly had forgotten about one of the biggest debates over timber harvesting- the northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) gained lots of publicity as a bone of contention in the discussion of what to do with old-growth forest in the Pacific Northwest. As birds […]