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Going on the offensive for sharks

Over the past few posts, hopefully you have gotten a sense of how a combination of increasing demand and general prejudice has led to massive overexploitation of shark populations around the world- some of the information I have passed along is pretty bleak. But I don’t want you to think that it’s all doom and […]

Peril in the high seas

When I sat down to read about shark declines around the world, I had thought I was prepared for the numbers I was about to encounter: it’s very bad, we know this now, time to reserve the trend. But as I became more and more depressed about the current situation of shark species, I realized […]

Waiting for time and tide

In my last post I described some of the techniques used in salt marsh and barrier island restoration, a pretty important topic here in Louisiana where we wait for the wave of each new storm to break, but it’s also important in many other areas around the world, especially since a large percentage of the […]

Are we sinking or is the water rising?

When I started looking into coastal marsh and barrier island restoration, I had assumed that there would be a veritable ocean of information to wade through- what I hadn’t expected was the diverse nature of coastal issues depending on where you were. A lot of the information I came across focused on coastal areas in […]

A helping hand for dinner

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten schooled in the history and current status of New England groundfish and shellfish. There are definitely some bright spots, like scallops and today’s haddock catch in Georges Bank, but there are also some problems including the economic realities of fishing for a living. I love eating seafood, but […]

A sustainable harvest?

I sat down to a feast of fresh Maine lobster on Wednesday, my second this summer, and, to be honest, I completely enjoyed it from start to finish, despite the complete mess I made on both table and clothing (I should probably have a bib at home for this…)- but I had to wonder, given […]

All at sea

My goal was to learn about the history of marine fisheries in New England because I felt that narrowing down the geographic region would make the topic manageable- given the amount of information sloshing around in my brain, I should have narrowed more. I started by digging through some pretty old records for lobster and […]

Sea-ing my food

I love seafood. Well, I love food in general, but seafood is a big part of that. Thankfully, I’m just two hours from the coast, and fresh seafood is something I can expect and enjoy on a regular basis (I’ve even become something of a snob about which seafood sources I’m willing to use- once […]

Posted September 2, 2012 by Mirka Zapletal in Food Choices, Marine Ecosystems

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