Giving eels a leg to stand on

Over the past week, I’ve looked for ways for us to get directly involved with eel conservation- the good news is that those opportunities are out there; the bad news is that it took some searching to find everything I mention here, so it takes persistence to get involved. Of course, it also takes persistence to swim from rivers to the open ocean…

USFWS monitoring American eels in Buffalo Creek, Pa. Photo courtesy of USFWS- License Link

USFWS monitoring American eels in Buffalo Creek, Pa. Photo courtesy of USFWS- License Link

The timing is ideal to get involved in many of the opportunities out there since World Fish Migration Day is May 21, 2016- there are events taking place all over the world from now until the actual day, so check the list and see if there is something near you.

If you are looking for more information about eel projects

There are a number of habitat restoration projects that benefit eels- many of these projects are organized by local groups, so, if your area isn’t mentioned here, it may pay off to ask around-

And there are a number of groups looking for your help in eel surveys

I’ve said it before, but please, please, please do your best to choose sustainable seafood for your meals- in this context, it means eel is a no-no (and that’s a sacrifice for me), but having learned about eel conservation over the last few weeks, I believe it is the right thing to do. If you are unsure about your seafood choices, there are a number of resources, for example Seafood Watch.

Eels, and other aquatic animals, are having a rough time- we can help support the remaining populations, but it will take a variety of approaches, including increased protection, habitat restoration, and people deciding that sustainable seafood is important to them. If all of us contribute to these efforts, we can really make a difference.