A slippery subject?

American Eel- picture by Erickson Smith

American Eel- picture by Erickson Smith; license link

I was brainstorming for this month’s topic and it seemed like it’s been a while since I have chosen something with a truly aquatic lifestyle. Plus I was thinking that it would be nice to talk about something that has at least a partial connection to the food I eat, and then I thought ‘eels.’

And this where I tell you that I know that eels live in water, some migrate between fresh and salt water systems during their lifetimes, and there are concerns about the use of eels in sushi- I think this is partly due to using horseshoe crab eggs as bait in eel pots, but maybe it’s also tied to overharvesting of the eels themselves. That’s about all I’ve got. So there is a lot for me to learn this month. Hopefully I’ll also find things that are new to you, as well- time to head back into the water…