Getting our hands dirty

Although some plant species are doing very well around the world (sometimes to the point of becoming invasive), other species are losing ground. In some cases there are focused recovery plans, but oftentimes the issue of habitat loss trumps our best efforts to sustain these populations. So how can we contribute to both habitat availability and species longevity? Luckily for us there are many ways to get involved.



Lomatium bradshawii populations were reduced by land development and fire suppression

Have some spare time on your hands?


Keeping an eye for plant species while you do other things outside?


Have a little land of your own to work with?


Whether you have time or space or both, you can make a contribution to plant conservation. Consider volunteering or gardening or just paying attention to the species you see in the wild. Sometimes, unless they are flowering or fruiting or grabbing at us with thorns, we don’t always notice each of the plant species around us, but each one is an important part of its ecosystem- we can all play a role in making sure that they continue to do so.