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Slipping through the cracks

This past week has been really informative for me- so many things that I didn’t know about eels, and it turns out that I’m not the only one. Although there are a large number of scientists looking into eel conservation, there are still so many unknowns about eel ecology that it can be hard to […]

Removing obstacles for colonial seabirds

In my post last week I talked about three of the big challenges facing colonial seabirds: habitat loss, invasive species, and changing food resources. I spent the last few days reading about ways to combat these problems, plus gaining insight on other issues related to seabird survival. The good news is that we are continually […]

Cooling the greenhouse

In my last post I looked at larger, systems-wide options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but those actions may not be possible where you live, or it may require some time to move down those roads. I’m not sure how much time we have to prevent certain climate change effects, and I personally feel better […]

Reining in greenhouse gas emissions, Part I

As I started looking through literature on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it became clear that studies had approached the issue largely from two different angles: a) how specific industries are contributing to global warming in a broad sense, and b) how smaller-scale decisions, like those made by consumers, are involved. It made sense […]

The air we breathe

I think it should be pretty clear that researching the state of the atmosphere is a tall order- and some journal articles go REALLY in-depth when it comes to chemical reactions and composition and simulations (after a while, I found my eyes glazing over anytime I encountered more than 2 pages of graphs)- but I […]

A resolution to learn more

As 2013 begins, I’ve been mulling over events from last year and decisions to be made in the next 12 months, some of which involve things like energy sources and new places to live and even automobiles. And I’ve been hearing a lot about alternative energy and fracking and average temperatures, among other topics. I […]