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Nuts for Squirrels

When I started looking into opportunities to get involved with squirrel conservation, I expected to see many efforts that focus on the European Red Squirrel in the UK and Ireland- and my expectations were more than met. In fact, I had to do a little digging to find groups that even mentioned other squirrel species, […]

Building a better squirrel conservation program

In my last post, I provided a long (and depressing) list of squirrel species and subspecies facing challenging situations. The very good news is that there are quite a few people conducting research to better understand exactly why certain populations are in decline and how to most effectively reverse those trends. Not all of their […]

The many faces of Prof. Squirrel

When I said last week that I was interested in squirrel conservation, I had imagined that I would find a lot of papers talking about the decline of European red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) in response to the presence of gray squirrels in the UK- and, I did. But I also found so much more: more […]

What ever happened to Squirrel Nutkin?

Last week I read a news story about an investigation launched by police after a squirrel was shot in Scotland- the issue here is not just that a squirrel was shot, but that a red squirrel was shot. In the UK, red squirrels are a protected species and various organizations are engaged in trying to […]

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